Our flatbed laminating machines are continuously working, double belt presses with integrated contact heating and contact cooling.

Powder spreader: fully automatic computer control, originated in Germany. Accurate powder control, with an error of less than 1 gram per square.

The cutting machine is equipped with an automatic fixed-length cutting guide rail with a conveyor table, the cutting end surface is flat, and the cutting speed is fast. It is integrated with the flat composite machine, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

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The Flatbed laminating machine mainly transfers temperature and pressure through two upper and lower conveyor belts, and heats and combines two or more materials into one body. This machine integrates contact heating and cooling systems. The composite material will be uniformly heated, and the material will be cooled before leaving the upper and lower belts for pressing. Depending on the length of the heating zone, the material will fit perfectly and have a good bonding firmness. The upper and lower bands have even gaps and precise spacing adjustments to ensure a smooth surface without wrinkles. It is a kind of flat heating compound equipment which is widely used to bond fabric or non-woven fabric with adhesive resin by controlling temperature, speed and pressure. It can be used to achieve continuous work and small batch test production.

Flatbed Laminating Machine

Intelligent and independent control multi-layer feeding rack, suitable for light-weight coils. This equipment has a motor to drive a synchronous wheel to drive the cylinder to roll. The discharge method is stable and fast, and the material discharge law is a more commonly used upper Material method.

The overhead machine effectively saves space for customers.

The gluing device makes the liquid glue spread through several intercept valves, the liquid glue is evenly attached to the material, and the glue is evenly applied.