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Jiangsu Honghua Special Equipment Co., Ltd. is the most professional lamination and composite manufacturer in China. The Honghua business was established in 2001, incorporating many years of experience into its current range of state-of-the-art machinery. The market share in China reaches 98%. Globally, Honghua's machines have hundreds of satisfied customers in many countries. Honghua's equipment has been proven to provide high quality output and high reliability. Honghua established an R&D department in 2017. Continuous innovation of product series is a key factor in the company's sustainable development. Honghua provides small and large manufacturers with excellent value and quality across its entire product range.

What we offer

Backed by decades of experience, our team can solve even the most difficult challenges. We’ll make recommendations, provide key design insights and prototypes from idea conception to finished product.

Your success is our success. We're driven to deliver parts that will improve your products, enhance your efficiency while reducing costs.

We follow rigorous processes, conduct regular audits, and utilize ISO quality systems.  This focus on continuous improvement ensures we produce products that exceed the strictest quality, delivery and regulatory standards.  



Yancheng Honghua Machinery Co., Ltd. was established



Developed double belt laminator suitable for thermoplastic and thermosetting materials

The annual output of glue compound machine reaches 120 sets 



Obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification


Renamed as Jiangsu Honghua Machinery Co., Ltd.

Obtained CE certificate


Develop overseas business

Participated in the Shanghai Composites Exhibition

International Trade Office established


Relocated to a new factory of 6000㎡

98% market share of China's thermoplastic thermosetting laminating machine



Developed a laminator suitable for thermoplastic and thermosetting materials 

Customers from India, Ecuador and South Korea come to our company to sign sales contracts



Turkey International Defense Exhibition



2018 India International Trade Fair

Turkish company develops technical cooperation with us



2019 Asia JEC Composites Exhibition (Japan)

German company came to visit our factory



The third generation UD technology unidirectional cloth sheet production line

2020 China Guangzhou International New Materials Exhibition

Indian and American customers place orders online



Relocated to a modern factory of 50000㎡

Has more than 200 technical patents

2021 China International Composites Industry Technology Exhibition

On October 31st, it moved into a new factory of 30,000 square meters.



In the first half of 2022, we have reached cooperation agreements with customers in Turkey/Russia/Brazil/US/India.



Participated in the French JEC Composite Materials Exhibition.

Customers from Türkiye, Russia and South Korea come to visit the factory.

In the first half of the year, we completed orders for 30 sets of equipment.