Using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber as raw material, using special formula adhesive, processed by Honghua UD process technology, its appearance is a white fiber sheet.

Using aramid fiber as the material, based on Honghua's special UD technology, the fibers are arranged in parallel in each layer, and each layer is formed by a resin matrix to form a unidirectional UD fabric.

This is the third generation of UD technology, which is suitable for aramid and UHMWPE fibers to make unidirectional UD fabrics with stable and mature technology.


KFK-FLE combines Honghua's fully modular and flexible assembly concept with a high-pressure system that can apply significantly increased pressure levels during heating and cooling.

KFK-FLG realizes a reliable and powerful heating system combined with an effective cooling system, which can handle challenging materials with higher cooling requirements. The height adjustment and level adjustment of the top pressure roller are controlled by a motor through a precisely adjustable lifting shaft.


Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Unidirectional Prepreg Tape Production Line

Glass fiber passes through the molten resin, after cooling and setting, the corresponding UD tape is made.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Unidirectional Prepreg Tape Production Line

The continuous production of UD tape is realized by the melt-dipping process, the surface of the UD sheet is smooth, the dipping effect is good, and the distribution is uniform.

Aramid Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic unidirectional Prepreg Tape Production Line

With aramid fiber as the reinforcing material epoxy resin as the matrix, the continuous production of UD tape is realized, and it has good flexibility and corrosion resistance.

Carbon Fiber Auto 45°or 90° Edge Cutting Welding Machine

According to the material needs, the thermoplastic UD tape is cut accurately within the range of 45° or 90°, and then the edges of the sheet are welded to make a continuous sheet.