Installed 5 UD production lines in October

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We have been working hard for the UD fabric industry.

At the beginning of October, we installed 5 sets of UHMWPE UD fabric production lines for a Chinese company, and another 5 sets of UD production lines are being produced in the factory. We look forward to its positive role.
Due to the constant disputes among many countries in the world, the bulletproof clothing market has also undergone new changes. In the second half of 2022, we completed all the orders in the first half of the year. In China, we are the leader of PE production line, and 90% of customers use our equipment to expand production, which is very proud.
Türkiye, India, Russia, Brazil and Israel are our main customers, and we have been maintaining close cooperation. With the opening of China, our engineers will be allowed to go abroad to provide installation services and training for our customers.

Contact: Tim zhu (CEO) +8618351546317

2022年10月18日 10:02