NIJ IIIA unidirectional production line About UHMWPE fiber cloth

In addition to being used in bulletproof vests and bulletproof helmets, UHMWPE fiber can also be used to make bulletproof armor by taking advantage of its light weight. Explosion-proof lining of the box. Because UHMWPE fiber has good textile processing properties, it can also be made into various stab-resistant and cut-resistant fabrics.

When impacted by a bullet, the high-performance fiber material will be stretched and sheared by the projectile, and the impact force will be diffused to areas other than the impact point by generating elastic deformation, thereby effectively consuming the energy of the bullet, thereby resisting the bullet or reducing the impact of the bullet. Human injury. However, the defense level of soft body armor is really not high. At present, the soft body armor on the market is only IIA, II and IIIA, which can only be used to resist the attack of pistol and shotgun bullets. If you are dealing with higher-level threats, you will need to equip hard body armor.

Suitable for:
Filter materials with additives such as activated carbon added (e.g. air filters)
Membranes and multilayer films (e.g. moisture barrier, water filtration)
Production of sandwich panels/composites (e.g. vehicle structures - walls, superstructures, webs, interior panels, insulation panels, etc.)
Production of honeycomb panels/composites (e.g. vehicle structures - walls, superstructures, webs, interior panels, sound-absorbing elements, formwork elements, etc.)
Thermal bonding of several textile webs (e.g. interlining)
Carpet Coating and Lamination
Thermal lamination of multiple layers of fabrics, foils and foams (e.g. automotive headliners)
Leather coverings (car seats, furniture accessories, footwear)