Influence factors of PE UD bulletproof unidirectional production line on the ballistic performance of UHMWPE fiber composites

Influencing factors: modulus, content of matrix resin, fiber fabric structure, composite surface density, etc.
The application of UHMWPE fiber in the field of safety protection products embodies the excellent performance of UHMWPE fiber. The impact toughness of UHMWPE fiber composite material is very good, and its specific impact absorption energy is higher than that of composite materials. Its specific impact absorption energy is aramid fiber and carbon fiber respectively. and 2.6, 3 and 1.8 times that of E glass fiber composites. Because of its good impact resistance and ballistic resistance, it is suitable for body armor, helmets and bulletproof armor. The ballistic resistance of UHMWPE fiber composite armor is 2.5 times higher than that of aramid fiber armor structure, and it can be made into a strong and light armor structure. It is more than twice the fiber and has been widely used to make flexible body armor and bulletproof steel plate materials.


Suitable for:
Filter materials with additives such as activated carbon added (e.g. air filters)
Membranes and multilayer films (e.g. moisture barrier, water filtration)
Production of sandwich panels/composites (e.g. vehicle structures - walls, superstructures, webs, interior panels, insulation panels, etc.)
Production of honeycomb panels/composites (e.g. vehicle structures - walls, superstructures, webs, interior panels, sound-absorbing elements, formwork elements, etc.)
Thermal bonding of several textile webs (e.g. interlining)
Carpet Coating and Lamination
Thermal lamination of multiple layers of fabrics, foils and foams (e.g. automotive headliners)
Leather coverings (car seats, furniture accessories, footwear)