UHMWPE Bulletproof Fabric Ballistics Unidirectional Filmless Release Paper UD Cloth Process Continuous Production Line

Invention patent: 2017101291563
Use and Features
1. This machine is suitable for the continuous production of UD non-woven fabrics such as bulletproof vests, helmets, shields, chest inserts, armored vehicles, and explosion-proof blankets for military protective equipment.
2. Drying by circulating air heating system.
3. Using computer PLC control system, easy to operate, high production efficiency and less labor.
4. The mirror roller pulls the wire and lays the wire to ensure that the fiber's own performance is not damaged.
5. Use release paper instead of film to complete the entire production process, and finally release the release paper to form a film-free UD cloth.
Main technical parameters / MAIN TECHNICAL PARAMETERS:
Model: HH-2017B-1600
Machine power: 90KW
Production efficiency: 3-5m/min
Number of workers: 4-5workers
Effective door width: 1600MM


Suitable for:
Filter materials with additives such as activated carbon added (e.g. air filters)
Membranes and multilayer films (e.g. moisture barrier, water filtration)
Production of sandwich panels/composites (e.g. vehicle structures - walls, superstructures, webs, interior panels, insulation panels, etc.)
Production of honeycomb panels/composites (e.g. vehicle structures - walls, superstructures, webs, interior panels, sound-absorbing elements, formwork elements, etc.)
Thermal bonding of several textile webs (e.g. interlining)
Carpet Coating and Lamination
Thermal lamination of multiple layers of fabrics, foils and foams (e.g. automotive headliners)
Leather coverings (car seats, furniture accessories, footwear)