UD and Crossply Technology Ballistics unidirectional production line Hard UD cloth production process

Using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber as raw material, using special water-based dispersion binder, two fiber layers arranged individually at 0°/90° are compounded by specific technology, and their appearance is white fiber flakes .
Mainly used for bulletproof inserts, bulletproof armor, bulletproof shields, bulletproof walls and other hard bulletproof applications; light weight, with excellent protection effect for multi-bullet shooting and oblique shooting.
Excellent anti-frag performance, which can greatly reduce sag. At the same time, due to the extremely low dielectric properties of PE fiber, PE fiber can play a better invisible effect when using PE fiber as the protective shell of important devices such as warships, tanks or turrets.


Suitable for:
Filter materials with additives such as activated carbon added (e.g. air filters)
Membranes and multilayer films (e.g. moisture barrier, water filtration)
Production of sandwich panels/composites (e.g. vehicle structures - walls, superstructures, webs, interior panels, insulation panels, etc.)
Production of honeycomb panels/composites (e.g. vehicle structures - walls, superstructures, webs, interior panels, sound-absorbing elements, formwork elements, etc.)
Thermal bonding of several textile webs (e.g. interlining)
Carpet Coating and Lamination
Thermal lamination of multiple layers of fabrics, foils and foams (e.g. automotive headliners)
Leather coverings (car seats, furniture accessories, footwear)