UD Lines Ballistics unidirectional production line Manufacturing process of flexible UD cloth

Flexible UD cloth: fiber + modified polystyrene resin (modified polyethylene resin is made of polystyrene resin modified by ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer EVA with high flexibility, elasticity and filler compatibility)
PE UD: Using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber as raw material, using specially formulated matrix material and 2 to 12 unidirectionally arranged fiber flakes in a 90° orthogonal manner, through specific process technology and resin matrix composite processing, Its appearance is white fibrous flakes.
Aramid UD: Aramid fiber has high strength, high elastic modulus, and its strength is more than 8 times that of steel at the same weight. Due to its unique properties, this fiber is currently one of the best bulletproof materials in the world. .
The aramid fiber material produced is based on our special UD technology, where the fibers are arranged in parallel in each layer, each layer is shaped by a resin matrix.


Suitable for:
Filter materials with additives such as activated carbon added (e.g. air filters)
Membranes and multilayer films (e.g. moisture barrier, water filtration)
Production of sandwich panels/composites (e.g. vehicle structures - walls, superstructures, webs, interior panels, insulation panels, etc.)
Production of honeycomb panels/composites (e.g. vehicle structures - walls, superstructures, webs, interior panels, sound-absorbing elements, formwork elements, etc.)
Thermal bonding of several textile webs (e.g. interlining)
Carpet Coating and Lamination
Thermal lamination of multiple layers of fabrics, foils and foams (e.g. automotive headliners)
Leather coverings (car seats, furniture accessories, footwear)